Domain name registration is a critical stage when looking to build an online business. It can also be an important part of your business branding effort. Choosing a great domain name means your business website will look professional and motivate people to visit it. A bad domain name, on the other hand, can lead to massive abandonment.

The fact that you must have a domain name before your website becomes available to users means you need to seriously plan out your domain name registration process to ensure you make the right decision and avoid future regrets. Here are the most important things to consider during domain name registration:

1.     Prioritize top-level domains (TLD)

When in search for domain name ideas, make sure to prioritize top-level domain names, especially .com domain name. While it’s pretty hard to find a .com domain name that hasn’t been taken these days, if you dedicate the time to do extensive research, you’ll find one.  You can decide to add a dash to the domain name, but that’s not recommended. A .com domain name is good for a business website. However, if you’re thinking of creating an authority website, you’d better chose .net or .org.

2.     Know the purpose of your website before domain name registration

For example, if your website is dedicated to technology, then the word technology should appear in your domain name. Before you indulge in domain name registration, it’s a good idea to know the goal of your website.

3.     Ensure your domain has your target keywords before you conduct domain name registration

When starting a website, you should have one or two keywords you’re targeting. Make sure you include the keywords in your domain name. Keywords can help you get good search engine rankings.

4.     Consider where you conduct your domain name registration

Today, the internet is filled with registrars to register a domain name. But you should only consider registering your domain name with reputable registrars. Note that if you choose just any registrar, you come across, your domain name can be stolen before you register it.

5.     Make a point to enable domain Whois privacy

Domain Whois privacy prevents just about anyone from accessing your domain name record. Scammers can take advantage of that access to get your personal information and steal your identity or transfer your domain name.


Well, those are the things you need to keep in mind when conducting domain name registration. Understand that a domain name is like your physical address. People depend on it to access your website. So besides implementing these aspects, make sure it’s short and easy to remember.

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