What is The Difference Between a Professional or Paid and Free Web Hosting

Wondering whether or not to use a free web hosting? Read and discover the difference between a paid and free web hosting!
For startups, small business owners, and budding entrepreneurs, the chance of using a free web hosting is definitely an attractive option as it eliminates the cost associated with paid web hosting services. But, before you decide to use any kind of hosting, you need to understand the difference between a professional or paid and free web hosting.
Once you will know the difference, it will be easier for you to decide and pick the kind of hosting that suits you most. Let’s start:

➢ Search Engine Rankings

Better and higher search engine ranking is what every type of business looks for in this competitive online world. Free web hosting platforms come with unprofessional links and irrelevant ads on the websites. Also, it is known that these platforms have been used by spammers to build and design all kinds of websites. These things matter when it comes to ranking on Google and other search engines as they contribute to lower search engine rankings. Online businesses and brands will never encounter such problems while designing and launching a website with a professional web hosting company as they will result in better online visibility and higher search engine rankings.

➢ Reliability

This is probably one of the main characteristics that set paid web hosting services apart from the free options. Generally, free web hosting platforms don’t offer the same features such as paid web hosting. The websites that are hosted by free web hosting service providers are likely to suffer a lot of downtimes. This will definitely cause a negative impact on your brand and may result in a loss of revenues and customers. Most paid web hosting service providers guarantee 99% uptime which is really important for serious businesses.





➢ Uniqueness

Another very important difference between a professional and free hosting service is the domain address. Free hosting platforms provide a domain address that has their business name in the URL and this will definitely create an unprofessional image for your brand as your customers won’t take you seriously. Therefore, in those cases you may consider what would be the best option for your online store, whether to chose a free domain name or to buy a domain.

➢ Bandwidth and storage

Professional hosting service providers give the freedom for you to choose from different packages with different storage space and bandwidth. However, free web hosting service providers come with limited storage space and limited bandwidth, making it challenging to upload and transfer photos, videos, maps, and etc. There are companies that may restrict your access once the bandwidth limit or storage limit is reached. In this case, you may have to wait to alter your website content.

➢ Support and assistance

Having experienced and qualified support when working online is really but really important. You may face various troubles and if there is no one to help you out, your customers and your brand may suffer. Free web hosting service providers don’t offer immediate support in case you have troubles or any technical issues. This can be a huge problem, especially if you are running a complex site that depends on MySQL databases. WIth professional or paid web hosting services, on the other side, you may count on 24/7 technical support via email, phone, chat, and etc.
Now that you are familiar with the differences, it will be easier for you to decide what is better for you and your business and come up with a final decision. Keep these differences in mind, analyze your options, and pick the type of hosting that suits your website, blog or ecommerce store the most.